About Me

Rafael Pizzo is a 2D Animator and Designer, focused in Art Direction through the japanese methods and aesthetics. Studied Digital Design at University of Tsukuba in Japan and at Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) in Brazil. Currently lives in Osaka (Japan) and works at a game company as Digital Designer.


University of Tsukuba
Tsukuba, Ibaraki - Japan
Sandwich Degree in Digital Design
Universidade Federal
de Pelotas
Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
Bachelor in Digital Design
2011-2016 (Expected)

For now, all my academic activities at UFPel are almost finished. I am working remotely at my Final Graduation Project, expected to be complete in the second semester of 2016.

You can check all my academic research activities at Curriculum Lattes.

Introduction 2016

Short Version

What I do?

2D Animation
& Illustration

Designing and creating 2D Animation through the classic Frame-by-Frame method and Motion Graphics. Also, at the Illustration part, I can work with characters, objects and backgrounds in realistic or vectorial style.

Ex.: Ads, Series, Short-Films, Illustrations, Storyboards and etc.

Design &
Art Direction

Through Design, visual elements becomes tools. Thus, I am able to best structure and plan your project. As an Art Director I am looking for organizing all the context of visual expression information of your project in order to have coherence with your goals.

Ex.: Layout, Visual Identity, Methodology, Structure and etc.

Digital Media

With degree in Digital Design and a little experience with Programming, I am able to develop projects and solutions through digital technologies (like this website for example) with a special care around user experience.

Ex.: Web Sites (Front-end & Back-end), Interactive Prototypes and etc.


  • Pre-Project
    (The Idea)

    A project always comes out from a need. At this first stage, it's all about you and your situation. I'm looking for understanding your needs and issues.

  • Briefing
    (The Scope)

    Next comes the complicated part. I'm going to create the Brief, a document containing a series of analysis and solutions based on Design, that will account every details of the project.

  • Hours at PC

    This stage is the time I'm coffee-powered. I'll spend hours and hours working on the smallest details of your project, be it on computer or on paper.

  • Final Touch
    (The Release)

    Finally, when all stages of the project are properly approved and completed: I'll join all the material to show and explain to you the final result.



Adobe After Effects
Adobe Flash


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Paint Tool SAI

Web Design

JavaScript / JQuery


Bruna de Paula Portfolio (2015)

GoSUP Brasil (2016)

R Design Sul Integração 2015

Rede PetSul (2015)

Interactive Prototype on iPhone - The Walking Dead


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At the moment, I am available for up to # new projects and deals.
I am experienced working remotely as Freelancer since 2009.

If you need any of my services and want to hire me or to talk about your ideas and projects before, just get in touch with me.

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