Rafael Pizzo is a Freelance Illustrator and Animator focused in japanese anime aesthetics. Studied at the University of Tsukuba in Japan, and currently is bachelor in Digital Design at Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) in Brazil. Debuted as Art Director and Concept Artist in the animated short-film "Sistema Aurora" released on 2013's winter.

Currently I'm available for freelance projects, for further information please contact me.



Animated Short-Film "Sistema Aurora"

Role: Art Director, Concept Artist, Character Designer, Background Artist, Special Effects Supervisor, Post-Production


Visual Novel Game "etherside"

Role: Story, Illustration, Programming, Character Design, Motion Designer



Posted on 01/Oct/2013 by Rafael Pizzo
Posted on 20/Sep/2013 by Rafael Pizzo

Wow, it's been more than six months I've been working on "Sistema Aurora" animated short-film. There's so much I would like to talk about it, but unfortunately I can't say anything until everything is finished.

This time I'm working as main Art Director, Concept Artist and Background Artist, and there's a lot of pressure on me. Almost 32 people are involved in this project and even so it's an amazing workload. woah, I'm really exhausted.

We expect the short-film to be completed next winter. See you soon!

EDIT: The Director and Producer allowed me to update the website with some of my works this time.

Posted on 23/Jan/2013 by Rafael Pizzo

It's been a while!

I've finished my most recent animation short called  「デスコのミルク怒り」 Desco's Milk Wrath and it's going to be released at the event "Janela de Cinema" on May 22th at the Federal University of Pelotas.

It's a simple parody from a character of a game.

Hope see you there!

Posted on 15/Apr/2012 by Rafael Pizzo
 [Ending from 「これはゾンビですか」 made with 2B and 5B pencil by Rafael Pizzo]

Finally I'm using this like a real blog. Not that anyone cares about this section, but I feel like posting some random thing here (tehe~ ¦D)

As I've said in the last entry, I'm posting now some photos of my new Graphic Diary. I made it from nothing.

[Rafael Pizzo's new Graphic Diary]

They're 40 paper-sheets folded in the middle, resulting in 80 pages, then sewn together and then glued to the cover.

The cover art was made with Photoshop and Illustrator. I based those signs in a illustration from Pixiv and mixes with the Fuuzetsu from 「灼眼のシャナ」 series.

[Haruna is throwing up... @__@]

In fact, a friend of mine just told me that 「これはゾンビですか」, an hilarious and non-sense animated series, had just received it's second season.

And as a matter of fact, I was able to watch it and just laughed so hard I probably must have awakened my entire building with that!

The story is funny, but nothing serious, really. The art and animation are very well made, and I enjoy a lot the character design.

I just had to draw some of them in this diary.

Posted on 08/Apr/2012 by Rafael Pizzo

Things are going almost smoothly if wasn't the fact that I'm almost out of free time to study drawings the way I wanted to.

Oh, yes. A lot has happened in college. It's going pretty nice, but in drawing classes they almost only ask you to reproduce other people works. At least I enjoy a lot redrawing some compositions after looking around at pixiv website

I've done my new Graphic Diary, since sewing up until doing the cover artwork. Next time I upload some photos.

Also, I updated this website with some new junk college works from past year. Though, I'm still a little ashamed of them.

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