Short-Film "Sistema Aurora"

Friday, 20th of September 2013 by Rafael Pizzo

Wow, it's been more than six months I've been working on "Sistema Aurora" animated short-film. There's so much I would like to talk about it, but unfortunately I can't say anything until everything is finished.

This time I'm working as main Art Director, Concept Artist and Background Artist, and there's a lot of pressure on me. Almost 32 people are involved in this project and even so it's an amazing workload. woah, I'm really exhausted.

We expect the short-film to be completed next winter. See you soon!

EDIT: The Director and Producer allowed me to update the website with some of my works this time.

Short-Film "Desco's Milk Wrath"

Wednesday, 23rd of January 2013 by Rafael Pizzo

It's been a while!

I've finished my most recent animation short called 「デスコのミルク怒り」 Desco's Milk Wrath and it's going to be released at the event "Janela de Cinema" on May 22th at the Federal University of Pelotas.

It's a simple parody from a character of a game.

Hope see you there!