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29 de October de 2018 by Rafael Pizzo

A lot is happening this past year, but this is a sign I’m still active in here…
I’ll come back soon with this WIP update.

Rafael Pizzo - The Anime Design アニメのデザイン

I am finally graduating at Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil. After spending some time studying and researching at University of Tsukuba in Japan, I returned to home in order to complete my monograph called "The Anime Design". Within the academic field of research in Design, I spent almost 2 years organizing a lot of information about design methodology and techniques. But the most important of all in this work is to analyze the anime aesthetics: how the japanese animation use the visual composition in layers to simulate depth. It was very challenging, since there are so many differences between Japan's design thinking and our reality in Brazil. The book ended up with around 130 pages. I'm officially exhausted.

As my practical project, I applied everything I've learned so far about many aspects in anime, in order to create a short teaser for a major short-film we are currently working.

I can't really explain much details further, but I can share at least some screenshots. Below the comparison between the first cut-layout designed and the finalized shot.


Rafael Pizzo Anime Design アニメのデザイン
Rafael Pizzo Anime Design アニメのデザイン

My intention was to first approach the anime aesthetics, but I still have much to improve.


Rafael Pizzo Anime Design アニメのデザイン
Rafael Pizzo Anime Design アニメのデザイン

“Apito de Mestre” Promotional Video

12 de June de 2016 by Rafael Pizzo

Rafael Pizzo Art Direction for Motion graphics

This past months I worked with the animator Bruna de Paula for a Promotional Video in Motion Graphics. The entertainment company who hired us is specialized in Brazilian Samba for parties and events. We had to create a video to show their services and the qualities of a pro company.

As usual, I was in charge of Art Direction, Layout and Illustrations. My partner Bruna de Paula was in charge of animating all objects and to build the composition. Our final work can be seen below.


The video is divided in two moments. The lame party and some bored guests are mainly painted in shades of blue. As the samba group comes in, everything gradually becomes orange. Just pay attention to the hotdog guy in the video (laughs).


Rafael Pizzo Art Direction for Motion graphics


Pelotas Jazz Festival 2014

22 de May de 2016 by Rafael Pizzo

It's kind of an old project, but back in 2014 I was hired by Moviola Filmes along with the animator Bruna de Paula to create a promotional video about the Pelotas Jazz Festival. As the name implies, it was a jazz festival that occurred annualy at Pelotas city in Brazil and was staged for many skilled musicians. At that time, I was responsible for both Art Direction and 2d animation. Moviola Filmes studios was responsible for compositing and music.


The brief was to create a 2D frame-by-frame animation with five of the guest musicians (Hermeto Pascoal, Richard Galliano, Egberto Gismonti, João Bosco and Naná Vasconcelos) in five touristic places of the city respectively. We received the character-design concepts from the brazilian illustrator Odyr Bernardi.


Fonte das Nereidas in Pelotas


We had only two weeks to complete all the animations and the assets, it was insanely exhausting.

I worked alone on all five or six backgrounds. They asked something very simplified from the original buildings using the most important colors from each one. I had not much time to work on details of each one, but tagging along with the animation looked good.


Museu da Baronesa in Pelotas


You can check the finished video bellow.

New Website Layout

30 de July de 2015 by Rafael Pizzo

It’s been a long time since the last website redesign. This time I put a lot of effort to turn this layout more informative about services and working process.

Also, I’ve been working in a new more detailed illustration for practice. I’ll show here the progress from time to time.